Wedding Coordinator-The “Optional” Vendor?

Published by Richmond Weddings Magazine

To date, your wedding is the most important day of your life.  You have spent a lot of money on a venue, catering and entertainment and that’s all you really need, right? Sure! You CAN pull this off with just the basics. However, you could be doing a lot of the work yourself on your big day and will need a few good people to help you.  

What you really need is a professional Coordinator! It should be a necessity to want your friends and family to enjoy your day and not have to work your wedding. Most professional Month/Day Of Coordinators will help you from the time you book their service with advice on budgets, keeping on track with a yearly timeline, and providing connections for possible discounts on other vendors. They start working on your big day 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding and assist with rehearsal, wedding party management, and coordinating any announcements needed during your event. A good coordinator will also handle any uncomfortable family/guest/vendor dynamics that could arise! 

Here are some of the other advantages that go along with hiring a professional coordinator:

  • A day of timeline is a very important part of your wedding day.  A detailed timeline can keep your day from getting away from you. A timeline sets aside specific time for everything throughout your day and your coordinator makes sure you and your other vendors stay on track. 
  • Your coordinator can help you create a layout of your design and makes sure that everything is set up to your liking on the day of! This is usually created weeks before the big day and ensures YOUR vision of your wedding day is executed flawlessly! Without very specific instructions, your decor could be left to chance.
  • An experienced coordinator will manage your other vendors and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Unexpected mishaps can occur but with a planner, you will most likely never know. If you do find out, it will be after the issue has been resolved. I once did a wedding where the DJ was in a car accident and traffic was at a complete stop with the florist and cake behind him! How do you think your Aunt Betty would handle this?

Having a professional, experienced coordinator for your wedding day is possibly the most important vendor on your team! Find a Month/Day Of Coordinator that will be with you throughout your planning process. Be that luxurious bride-Hire a Coordinator!

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